Tratka Meditation how to perform it properly 2019 New Method || How to Cure Eyesight By Trataka Meditation 2019 Latest Method

Tratka Meditation how to perform it properly? 

Hii therein today's running world we don’t get time to do meditation. There are a lot of works in our life that we ruin our self by not giving time to our self only. It is always said or recommended to do meditation. But we humans have so much of tensions that we cannot perform meditation in a proper way. Many people say that they try hard to do meditation but after a minute only their mind starts wandering. So,

What is the solution to doing meditation in an easy and efficient way?

Well, I would recommend you to do Trataka Meditation.

What is Trataka Meditation?

Well, It is a simple and effective way of doing meditation. Anyone can perform it. This is considered as the most powerful and effective way of doing meditation. In starting you will feel little pain but as you know “Pain won’t last forever”.

How to do Trataka Mediation?

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Trataka Meditation Sitting Position

To Perform Trataka Meditation, one needs to sit in a dark room and light up a Candle. The candle should be in front of the eyes, means the level of Candle and your eyes should be at the same height. After doing this much, you simply need to Gaze that Light. Be sure you don’t have to close your eyes. No matter how much water comes in your eyes while performing Trataka. You have to do it. While performing Trataka your mind will be Blank and congrats you did meditation right now.
If you are Beginner, then I recommend you to do only for 3-5min and later Increase this time as much as you can. You can perform Trataka In the early morning when the sun is not so hard, you can gaze it for a couple of minutes and can perform Trataka. Similarly, In Night also you can perform Trataka By gazing at the moon.

Why Trataka Meditation?

Because as you have read above how to do Trataka you must have got a better idea of performing Meditation. This is the most efficient method to do meditation.

What are the Advantages of Doing Trataka Meditation?

1). You will be able to do Meditation properly and effectively.

2). If someone has bad Eyesight then it is the best and effective way to cure your Eyes also.

3). Your eyes will be Healthy and you will not get any kind of eye diseases.

4). Your mind will be open and you can be able to do work efficiently

5).you can be able to know yourself properly.

6). You know Meditation is the most powerful thing or method to achieve your goals in your life.

Is There Any Harm In Doing Trataka Meditation?

Not at all. J No side effect, on the contrary, it will help you a lot.

So, I hope now you have a better knowledge of doing Trataka Meditation.
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